Oct 222012

Author: Cassandra Whelihan

Do you ever stare out your classroom window lost in a winter-wonderland of a day-dream wishing it would just hurry up and snow already? How about the old, “I’ll just watch one Warren Miller film” and end up getting lost in cyber snow-land. Are you one of the kids that plan their classes around your snow schedule?

Fortunately, if you too can relate to the highly anticipated winter season, there is a club at Colorado State University for you! The Snowriders are a recreational ski and snowboard club on campus at Colorado State University dedicated to getting you to the mountains. Our mission is to be your number one resource for skiing and snowboarding. Furthermore, we want to create a fun and welcoming environment for anybody and everybody who wants to ride, no matter how experienced or inexperienced you are.

CSU Snowriders: Where the members ride hard, and the officers work harder to ensure your winter is the best it can be!

Check out our website for more information at https://sites.google.com/a/rams.colostate.edu/csusnowriders/

Check out Officer Nick Micheletti’s promotional video

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