Oct 192012

Author: Allison LeCain

Bruises with Penny Board

Penny Board (Photo credit: well.written.or.badly.written)

I see a student almost getting run-over by a skateboarder on a regular basis around campus, but lately the skateboarders have looked less threatening and more affable.

A not-so-new type of skateboard, the Penny board, has come back to life from the 70s. These skateboards are only 22 to 27 inches long and are made out of plastic, unlike your typical 43 inch wooden longboard.

Penny boards come in every neon color imaginable and are only four inches wide, fitting perfectly in any skater dude’s backpack. You know what that means – no tripping over longboards that are leaning up against your classroom wall!

While these skateboards look adorable and vibrant, they may not have a very manly effect on the boarder.  I’ve never heard a guy yell out, “Sweet hot pink wheels, bro!”

Too be honest, I’m not a huge fan of skater guys, so this possible flaw in color choice may be lost on me. The only true use I see for a skateboard is to sit on it and roll down a hill, but my butt probably won’t fit on a Penny board anyway.

These intensely colorful retro mini boards may be a scheme to get more girls into the skater market, but I’ll stick with my single-speed bicycle from the 80s. Hopefully now, when skate boarders do run over pedestrians on campus, there will at least be less damage due to the size and structure of the skateboard.

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  1. I love those cute little, colorful, skateboards. They,certainly, are much safer for all the Grandmas on campus!

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