Oct 032012

Author: Jack Krause

Winter is upon us, the bitter cold native Coloradans know all too well. Between the snow and the temperature, here are some tips that are sure to keep you toasty during the upcoming white-out.

  1. English: SVG line drawing, meant to simulate 1...

    English: SVG line drawing, meant to simulate 1600’s style engraving of Father Winter, or Old Man Winter. I created this original artwork for a label to put on my home brewed winter brown ale. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    If you don’t already have it, get some warm clothing. This should seem like a no-brainer, but the gym shorts and light tees are only going to work for you for so long. The temperature is going to drop from here and that tank-top is only going to do one thing for you, and that is catch a vicious cold.

  2. Stay healthy, that means wash your hands, stay warm, and keep on top of your healthy eating. The right amount of vitamins and minerals can be the difference of you feeling on top of the icy world, or sniffling through all your lectures. If you do get sick, nurse yourself with warm drinks, good sleep and a stress-free schedule by staying on top of your classes.
  3. Close your windows, it may let in a nice breeze, but your body needs heat to prosper. After the awkward few weeks of cold before the heating kicks in, you’ll be glad you shut the glass and stayed warm.
  4. Take warm showers, not hot. A hot shower, while feeling nice, doesn’t prepare your skin to stay hydrated which is important as the humidity dies out. Dry skin leads to windburn and that in turn leads to an uncomfortable you.
  5. One that last note, keep your skin healthy. Eating right and moisturizing will help your skin weather itself against the temperature. It also helps you stay looking your best which is always a plus.

With all this information, you should be ready to take on Old Man Winter head-on. Good luck, and stay temperate.

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