Oct 032012

Author: Kelsey Peterson


At last weekend’s Forestry Fair CSU foresters and members of the Colorado State Forest Service were preparing for Christmas in the nation’s Capitol. Every year one state is picked to deliver the Christmas tree that will be placed in the White House and this year it’s up to Colorado. The Christmas tree, provided by White River National Forest, is cut November 2nd and begins it’s journey across the country the following week on a huge semi-truck along with 75 companion trees provided by the Colorado State Forest Service. These companion trees will serve as smaller Christmas trees for all the government offices. The Forest Service is also providing 5,000 tree cookie ornaments (cross-sections of a tree) to be put on the Christmas tree. They cut them, sand them, drill a hole in them, and ship them off across Colorado to be decorated. To follow the truck’s progress to the White House visit www.capitolchristmastree2012.com.


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