Sep 242012

Author: Jack Krause

The finished result of the project.

The finished result of the project.
Photo by Jack Krause.

Between the sweltering heat, and the bitter mornings, Colorado’s temperature may be throwing some of you for a loop. Worry no longer though, as there is a way to stop those hot afternoon’s dead in their tracks with a do-it-yourself dorm-friendly A/C.

Using the same process as siphoning liquid through a straw and the wind-power of a personal fan, you can lower the temperature of a sweaty dorm room by an average of five to seven degrees.

What you’ll need are…

  • A floor standing stationary fan with a removable face
  • 9 ft. of ¼ inch Copper tubing
  • 12 ft. of ¼ inch rubber tubing
  • About 40-50 zip ties
  • 2 small hose clamps (optional)
  • 2 buckets
  • Tools

What to do next is first remove the face from the fan; this is where you’ll be installing the copper tubing. Remove the face and set it on the ground and grab copper tubing. Start to coil the tubing along the face in a spiral pattern and use zip ties to hold it into place where it seems loose. Make sure both ends of the copper tubing end at the bottom of the face. Now take the hose clamps and attach the clear rubber tubing to the copper pipes with a secure seal.

Now take the buckets, and fill one with water to about the halfway point. Position this bucket on top of a desk or another elevated position, as long as it is above the other bucket. Now using “Bernoulli’s Principle” siphon the water into the other bucket by using the tubing as a straw to get a pressure built with the water. An example would be like a straw. Put the out-end of the tubing into the other bucket and let the water drain from the full one. There you have it! Dorm-safe A/C.

The process behind how this works is the water runs through the copper tubing, cooling the metal and the air around the metal. The fan pushes that air out, which in turn cools the room the fan is in. For the best results and maximum cooling, use ice-cold water in the bucket. This will keep the last month of heat at bay and will give you the most popular room on your floor. Keep it chill!

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