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Author: Allison LeCain


LifeProof (Photo credit: Gadgetmac)

In this day and age, a cell phone goes where its owner goes — no exceptions. As cell phones are generally not made for the rugged conditions of everyday life, they tend to break a lot.  It may seem simple to just pay that extra $20 a month for phone insurance, but most people would agree that it would better if phones were near indestructible.

If you have an iPhone, there are many iPhone cases to choose from, with LifeProof cases providing protection like none other.

“The great thing about the LifeProof case is that you can pretty much take your iPhone anywhere you can go yourself,” said Michele Baker, a media representative at LifeProof.

Fitting an iPhone 4/4S, the case protects against four hazards while coming in eight color choices. LifeProof protects from things like dirt, dust, sand, mud and even food. It has dirt-proof seals all over the case, including in the headphone and charger plug.

With this sealing technology, the case is also waterproof, as in the phone can be completely submerged underwater without any damage. The owner can even take videos and photos underwater up to two meters deep.

“The water ‘proof’ is the one we’re most proud of,” Baker said. “Not only can you completely submerge your iPhone in water for a full 30 minutes, you can still use it while submerged. LifeProof is the only case to be able to do all this without adding unnecessary bulk.”

This means that the user can listen to music while swimming.  There is a plug, referred to as the ‘bung’, on the top of the case where waterproof headphones can be plugged in.  Just screw it off, plug in headphones, and it’s ready to go.

Each case is tested to ensure its water proof ability, so you never have to worry about getting a defect, according to Baker.

The case also seals your phone from any snow and ice damage.

Let’s not forget the most common phone mistake – dropping it. LifeProof is a shock-proof case that has been tested to military specifications.  A phone inside the case can be dropped up to two meters without damage.

Some may think that it is big and bulky, adding unwanted weight to the iPhone. LifeProof cases weigh less than an ounce and only adds one-sixteenth of an inch to the width of a phone. The screen protector is also anti-reflective and scratch-resistant. The whole thing is wrapped up with a non-stick cover.

In addition to the iPhone, LifeProof makes cases for the iPad and accessories to go with the case.  An iPhone case costs $80 at, meaning the case will pay for itself within four months by eliminating the phone insurance plan.

According to Baker, the case will protect a phone properly for the life of the phone, maybe even longer. There is no need to ever take it off.

As said by the LifeProof mission statement: “LifeProof provides quality solutions that deliver complete confidence and freedom: however, whenever and wherever people live their lives.”

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