CSU student first in line to see President Obama

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Aug 282012

Author: Kelsey Peterson



Colorado State University sophomore Nick Hunter was the first in line to see President Obama speak. He and his friends camped out at the Study Cube in the Morgan Library the night before. They arrived at 11:00 p.m. and took shifts waking up on the hour to keep watch. Following a long night, Hunter began waiting under Clark at 4:30 a.m. with nothing but a chair and a bottle of apple juice. Throughout the day, he and his friends will be switching off in order to keep their top spot in line.

Where’s my fix? Campus coffee shop guide

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Aug 262012

Author: Logan Martinez

Ever walked up to Sweet Sinsations or Morgan’s Grind on campus and wish there was somewhere else you could grab your cup ‘o’ joe? Well there is! Here is your guide to coffee shops on campus.

(Click on the map to view a larger version)

Flobots rock the Aggie

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Aug 252012

Author: Kenneth Myers

Mackenzie Gault plays the violin for the Flobots during a concert at the Aggie. Photo by John Sheelsey.

Mackenzie Gault plays the violin for the Flobots during a concert at the Aggie. Photo by John Sheelsey.

On Thursday August 23, the homegrown Colorado rock/hip-hop group known as The Flobots played at the Aggie. They were accompanied by bands Wasteland Hop and Wheelchair Sports Camp.

All three acts played reasonably short sets. The openers, Wasteland Hop, failed to endear themselves to me. The main problem with the group was balance. The bass actively drowned out the rest of the band, leaving their guitarist strumming without purpose. After their performance, the rap/ funk trio Wheelchair Sports Camp took the stage. Backed by pre-recorded bass and synthesized parts, the group’s main musical presence was the expert tenor sax, who brought a funk styling that gave the band a unique feel that over the course of their performance slowly built energy up until the end of their set.

The Flobots kicked off the show with high energy that continued throughout the set list. From a darkened stage, leader Jamie Laurie, also known by his stage name Jonny 5, started fast and didn’t stop. The set never skipped a beat, holding the crowds energy level from the first note to the last. In that energy there was an excellent level of control, the band would start songs and claim the crowd’s excitement well enough that when the bigger hits in the middle of songs came, the audience was leaping, euphoric and owned by the performers.

Jamie Laurie and Stephen Bracket, members of the Flobots, crouch during a song for dramatic effect. Photo by John Sheesley

Jamie Laurie and Stephen Bracket, members of the Flobots, crouch during a song for dramatic effect. Photo by John Sheesley.

Special mention to Mackenzie Gault, the group’s violinist. Something of a rose among thorns, where Laurie and Stephen Brackett’s vocals were short, sharp and almost angry, her singing was longer, calmer and more morose. When Gault was given command of the stage, he short, sweet solos gave the set’s insane level of energy more of an artistic edge. Overall that’s why the band works. The violin ties the group together and led to the whole performance’s excellence.

The Continuum Movie Review: The Expendables 2

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Aug 252012

Author: Kenneth Myers

If my father taught me one thing about movies it was to love Arnold Schwarzenegger. There’s one thing Arnie understood before running California and has proven he still understands, it’s camp. The man knows what it means to not take himself too seriously. That’s an idea that permeated the action flicks of the 80’s and early 90’s, writing movies with ridiculous plots and characters on purpose, creating a movie that is aware of any faults and compensates for them by not compensating at all.

Think of Robert Rodriguez’s Planet Terror. Everything about that movie was camp, the script, the photography and the characters are all so heavily exaggerated that you can’t help but be in on the joke. The cast and crew all understood that leaving a movie that not only knows what it is but is actually pretty good.

This is the central problem with Expendables 2, no one is in it with the same goal in mind.

The first movie had the exact same issue, it wanted to be a big, dumb, silly action movie,

English: Montage of the old-school action heroes

English: Montage of the old-school action heroes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

but half the actors and the crew seemed to think they were making a straight-faced film. This skew between goals is best summarized in Stallone’s performance, he’s trying so hard to be Rocky instead of Judge Dredd. It’s a serious issue because as the protagonist Stallone sets the tone of the story, so while everyone else in the cast is having fun, relaxing and giving seemingly decent performances Stallone is fighting the cohesion of the cast tooth and nail. Every other character spends most of the film either joking or murdering people with an ear-to-ear grin, but Stallone spends the whole film fighting all the relaxed, funny camp the movie tries to have.

This movie was sold as a gathering of the “best” action stars there are, but it doesn’t seem content bringing actors as a joke and just having them act. Willis and Schwarzenegger make jokes about their previous work. Which works and is actually rather funny, it could have been a lot less blatant, less of an, “I’m staring at the camera referencing the Terminator” moment more of a subtle joke , as it is it just felt really shoe-horned and, frankly, lazy.

Then there’s Check Norris.

I had a feeling his appearance would be as much of a joke as his name is on the Internet. I didn’t give the screenwriters enough credit, Norris enters to the theme from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, walking the slow motion walk, makes reference to his meme status, and leaves again until the finale. More confusing than funny overall.

I feel like there’s a cut of this movie that knows what color is and how to use it. At no point is anything colorful or fun, but anytime a gun is going off there are buckets of blood being spilled. This is where Planet Terror succeeded, it was colorful and insane so that when the gore gets out of control it’s funny and plays into the campy elements of the film overall. Expendables’ fascination with gore in combination with its gloomy morose color scheme is just odd. The only color that’s on display is red, and it fights the entire washed out Saving Private Ryan-esque gray Expendables tries to have leaving the action scenes aesthetically morose but psychotically bloodthirsty.

Special mention to the screenwriter for deciding to crack jokes about Dolph Lundgren’s masters in chemical engineering, and a couple scenes later painting him as a shy nerd-type. Which was actually legitimately pretty funny. Also to Jet Li who’s in the movie for the first 10 minutes, has an excellently choreographed fight before he leaves the plot, never to be seen again.

Overall The Expendables 2 is upsetting for a very simple reason, there’s plenty of talent that could have easily worked together to make the action movie the 80’s would’ve been proud of. Instead we’re left with a barely mediocre sequel in what will almost surely be a mediocre trilogy.

Tickets to President Obama’s CSU speech passed out

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Aug 252012

Author: Dillon Thomas



President Obama is set to speak on the campus of CSU Tuesday evening.  After hours of waiting, students went home with tickets to the event, and excitement to tell families at home. For some, home is far away.

CSU students line the LSC Plaza for Obama Tickets

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Aug 252012

Author: Dillon Thomas



President Obama is set to speak on the campus of Colorado State University Tuesday evening. Students lined the plaza as early as 3AM in hopes of getting a ticket to see the President’s monumental speech.

CTV was on scene to speak to those who were in line first.

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Get in gear: A guide to gear rentals in Fort Collins

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Aug 252012

Author: Kristin Hall

Photo Courtesy of Colorado State University Campus Recreation

The summer isn’t over yet and now that friends are back in town, it’s the perfect time of year to go experience the outdoors, but not having the right gear can be a huge problem for those living on a tight budget that can’t go out and purchase gear. Lucky for all those weekend warriors, Fort Collins has many options for gear rentals that will be easy on the bankroll.

One of the most convenient resources, located on campus, is the Outdoor Program at the Recreation Center. They offer basic outdoor gear that ranges from tents and sleeping bags to rock climbing and snow shoes, and they offer all of this exclusively for Colorado State University students and Rec Center members.

The Outdoor Program has made some big changes to its rental system this year. Instead of paying for each individual rental, students can purchase monthly or semester passes and rent an unlimited amount of gear. Also, the Program has bought more gear and moved their desk. Rentals now go through the Rec Center service desk, allowing students to rent gear any time the Rec Center is open.

According to the Outdoor Program Coordinator Eric DeLuca, this change was made to make the whole process easier and less expensive for students.

“To be honest the reason we can offer such low prices is that we aren’t here to make a profit — we are supported by student fees. The goal is to get students outdoors,” said DeLuca.

DeLuca said that though they are a great rental program, they can’t offer everything.

“If you’re looking for technical gear for something like Nordic skiing, we’re fairly limited,” he sad.

If you are looking for more technical gear, no need to fear, there are still more options in town. Jax Outdoor offers a wide range of affordable rentals charged by the day. The first-day rental will run you a bit more but each successive day costs less. And according to Jax employee Mike Engelstad, you can expect the gear you rent to be newer and less worn. Engelstad cautions students to call and make reservations ahead of time to be sure they have gear because it often goes quickly depending on the time of year.

Photo courtesy of Colorado State University Campus Recreation

If you’re looking for a place where the employees are knowledgeable about recreation areas near Fort Collins, Jax is your best bet according to Engelstad.

“People come in all the time talking about where they are going and how their trips went, so the employees know all the best places to play,” he said.

Another option is REI. They offer a wide range of gear for rent and not just purchase. According to REI employee Tegan Plock, it’s a really great deal if you are an REI member.

“Members don’t have to pay the $100 damage deposit and they get a discount on our gear,” she said. Plock notes that they also work well with busy schedules and can schedule pre-pick up and drop off.

No matter what outdoor adventure is calling, Fort Collins has plenty of options to satisfy your wallet and your wild streak.

The mighty microwave: Cooking without fire

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Aug 242012

Author: John Sheesley

English: Putting raisins in a microwave oven p...

Putting raisins in a microwave oven produces large quantities of smoke. Don’t do it.

Some would say that life in the dorms is easy. There are hot showers, warm beds, plenty of food, and friends all around. But anyone who has eaten three meals a day in the university dining halls knows that both vitamins and variety are lacking. But eating at restaurants all the time gets  expensive fast, and cooking in the dorms is very hard due to a pesky rule about no open coils or hot plates (something about preventing fires, it seems). So what can those without a stove top do? Turn to the almighty microwave.

Though we often think of it as only for reheating three-day-old cheeseburgers and making popcorn, the microwave was originally invented to act as a very fast, compact oven. It happens to do this very well.

Before we jump right into the exciting microwave recipes there are a few safety tips we have to cover. Like with any oven, be careful not to burn yourself, as food will be hot. Never use grocery bags, newspaper, metal, or foil in the microwave. Oven cooking bags, parchment paper and white microwave paper towels are safe for microwave use, as are glass and ceramics. Don’t microwave food in Tupperware or Styrofoam. Because microwaves vary, times are not precise, so be careful to make sure food is fully cooked.

Now that we have that straight, lets go through a day of microwave meals, made hot and fresh in the comfort of your own room with only the finest ingredients from your local grocery store.

For for a nutritious breakfast in minutes, why not try an egg sandwich. Crack an egg, or two if you’re really hungry, in a ceramic coffee mug and scramble them well with a fork, then microwave on high one minute for each egg or until fully cooked. Place the egg(s) on an English muffin with a slice of cheese and a slice of ham or turkey.

Alternatively,  make an omelet by scrambling a couple of eggs in a mug and adding some cut veggies, meat, and cheese. Microwave for two to three minutes or until done.

When lunchtime rolls around and the energy from your deliciously eggy breakfast begins to wear off, recharge with an ear of corn. Simply wrap the peeled ear of corn in a damp paper towel and microwave for about five minutes. Add a bit of butter and salt and its ready to devour.

If corn isn’t your style try an inside-out pizza. Slip some pizza sauce, cheese, and toppings between two tortillas and microwave until the cheese is a gooey, delicious mess. If you are feeling generous you can cut it like a pizza and share with your roommate. Or not.

Hard-shell taco with meat, cheese, lettuce, to...

Hard-shell taco with meat, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. Taco! Taco! Taco!

For dinner, lets go all out and make some microwave tacos. This one is best to make for a few people (the recipe serves about 4) but it can be scaled down very easily. First get three of your closest friends and neighbors to go to the grocery store with you, since you’re cooking, maybe you can even convince them to buy the food! Get a half pound of ground beef, some chili powder, salt, garlic powder, cheese, onion, lettuce, and salsa. To make your tacos, crumble the beef into a bowl and cover it with a plate. Microwave it for about five minutes on high, then stir in about 3/4 teaspoon chili powder, 1/4 teaspoon salt, and 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder. Add some water if it looks dry and cook it covered for another three to four minutes or until there is no pink left in the meat. Dice the onion and shred cheese and the lettuce, a cheese grater works well for both. Fill your tacos with the beef, veggies, cheese, and salsa and enjoy.

Whether you use your new mastery of the microwave to eat healthier, show off to your roommates, or impress the cutie down the hall, remember to always make sure food is thoroughly cooked, and it will be thoroughly delicious. For some more great microwave recipes, be sure to check out allrecipes.com.

Too School for Cool: Semester survival guide

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Aug 242012

Author: Allison LeCain

Slippers 2

Slippers 2 (Photo credit: walker_mcbryde)

Here we go again. It’s the first week of school and students are already feeling stressed out. Those first days of classes can be pretty overwhelming.

As I sit here reading my syllabi, I can’t help but think to myself, “How am I going to finish all these projects in one semester?!” Not only that, but how will I manage to do all my class work while maintaining the way of life that I have perfected and grown so accustomed to over the summer?

This summer, I enjoyed going out with friends, having a clean apartment, and partaking in various shenanigans that may not be appropriate to mention. Now that school has started, I’m worried that my apartment will turn into a dump, I’ll never have time to go out, and the season of shenanigans will come to a close.  This just won’t do.

I’ve devised a plan to ensure that my life, and yours, will not be entirely ruined by taking an unhealthy amount of credits this semester.  Hopefully this advice will help to make your semester free of panic attacks and full of tomfoolery.

The thing most people give up when starting college is their social life.  This isn’t necessary and can actually be detrimental to your health.  The quick fix is to combine your social life with your school life.

One way to do so is to study with friends. When doing so, make a commitment with said friend that the two of you will actually study, not chit-chat, although it’s good to take a ten minute break every hour or so to gossip and go on Instagram. Plus, you may want to go flirt with that cutie sitting at the next table in the library…

On to the next dilemma: finding time to clean the apartment.  Most people don’t enjoy cleaning, especially when you’re stressed about finishing that research paper.  Luckily, someone’s invented the best thing since sliced bread to solve this problem.

Wal-Mart sells Sweeper Slippers, which are slippers that have dirt-grabbing, dust-clinging fabric on the bottom that do the job of sweeping for you. Just wear them around the house and the cleaning is done, well most of it. My two roommates and I wear these at all time and our floor has never been cleaner. Not to mention that the repulsively attractive lime green color they come in is so fashionable that I wouldn’t be surprised to see them in the next issue of Vogue.

Last but not least, college is not complete without shenanigans. This can range from spraining your pinky toe while climbing on your boyfriend’s roof, to consistently getting free chips and queso at Qdoba for flirting with the high school boys that work there, to teaching your roommate how to swing dance because he told a girl he wants to ‘get with’ that he was an expert, (yes, all these actually happened last summer).

Regardless of your shenanigans of choice, these are the memories the make college the best time of your life. With this being said, set aside one night a week for adventures.  Get together with your best accomplices for a night of unplanned mischief. Ft. Collins has a lot to offer, so grab your bikes by the handle bars and have a magical night.  The only rules are to be safe and legal. Now I set you free.


CTV Interviews Harold & Kumar Stars

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Aug 242012

Author: Dillon Thomas



John Cho and Kal Penn were on a mission today, and it wasn’t a journey to WhiteCastle.

Cho and Penn, famous for their roles in the Harold & Kumar movie franchise, were on the campus of Colorado State University Friday afternoon.  They joined volunteers of the Obama for America campaign in a rally on the lawn West of the Lori Student Center Lagoon.  A crowd gathered to hear the duo speak on their political views, the importance of being up-to-date on you politics, and getting out to vote.


Cho and Penn were on the campus of CSU for an hour, and later attended an event on the campus of CU Boulder

Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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