Aug 302012

Author: Chase Baker

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

I used to imagine a time when super fast Internet existed anywhere–anytime. I pictured a time when powerful satellites connected people from all over the world in milliseconds. Thanks to technology powerhouse Google, apparently that time is now–just not quite like I imagined.

According to the Google website, they are introducing “a different kind of Internet”. It’s known as Google Fiber. The starting connection has speeds 100 times faster than today’s average broadband coming in at 1,000 Mb per second.

With speed this fast, you should never again have to wait for a YouTube video to buffer. This means movies and video games in higher definition than we’ve ever seen before. For web designers, this means high resolution images on websites without being concerned about the time it will take for a page to load.

And if the speed alone wasn’t enough to sell you on the idea, let’s get to the good stuff. Google’s website states that, if a user chooses to forego the lightning-fast speed, Internet will be available at today’s average speeds for free. Yes, free. The only charge will be a one-time construction fee of $300. The Gigabit Internet (100 times faster) will be $70 each month, which reasonably measures up with today’s current prices.

Don’t get too excited just yet. Google has only released Fiber in Kansas City after choosing that location from many applicants to be the initial hub. However, Google is allowing users to pre-register their “fiberhood” in hopes of obtaining fast Internet speeds for their city. On September 9, Google will determine the order of construction for new cities to receive Fiber, so I encourage each of you to pre-register online so that Fort Collins can be among the intial cities to experience the future of the Internet.

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