Aug 242012

Author: Allison LeCain

Slippers 2

Slippers 2 (Photo credit: walker_mcbryde)

Here we go again. It’s the first week of school and students are already feeling stressed out. Those first days of classes can be pretty overwhelming.

As I sit here reading my syllabi, I can’t help but think to myself, “How am I going to finish all these projects in one semester?!” Not only that, but how will I manage to do all my class work while maintaining the way of life that I have perfected and grown so accustomed to over the summer?

This summer, I enjoyed going out with friends, having a clean apartment, and partaking in various shenanigans that may not be appropriate to mention. Now that school has started, I’m worried that my apartment will turn into a dump, I’ll never have time to go out, and the season of shenanigans will come to a close.  This just won’t do.

I’ve devised a plan to ensure that my life, and yours, will not be entirely ruined by taking an unhealthy amount of credits this semester.  Hopefully this advice will help to make your semester free of panic attacks and full of tomfoolery.

The thing most people give up when starting college is their social life.  This isn’t necessary and can actually be detrimental to your health.  The quick fix is to combine your social life with your school life.

One way to do so is to study with friends. When doing so, make a commitment with said friend that the two of you will actually study, not chit-chat, although it’s good to take a ten minute break every hour or so to gossip and go on Instagram. Plus, you may want to go flirt with that cutie sitting at the next table in the library…

On to the next dilemma: finding time to clean the apartment.  Most people don’t enjoy cleaning, especially when you’re stressed about finishing that research paper.  Luckily, someone’s invented the best thing since sliced bread to solve this problem.

Wal-Mart sells Sweeper Slippers, which are slippers that have dirt-grabbing, dust-clinging fabric on the bottom that do the job of sweeping for you. Just wear them around the house and the cleaning is done, well most of it. My two roommates and I wear these at all time and our floor has never been cleaner. Not to mention that the repulsively attractive lime green color they come in is so fashionable that I wouldn’t be surprised to see them in the next issue of Vogue.

Last but not least, college is not complete without shenanigans. This can range from spraining your pinky toe while climbing on your boyfriend’s roof, to consistently getting free chips and queso at Qdoba for flirting with the high school boys that work there, to teaching your roommate how to swing dance because he told a girl he wants to ‘get with’ that he was an expert, (yes, all these actually happened last summer).

Regardless of your shenanigans of choice, these are the memories the make college the best time of your life. With this being said, set aside one night a week for adventures.  Get together with your best accomplices for a night of unplanned mischief. Ft. Collins has a lot to offer, so grab your bikes by the handle bars and have a magical night.  The only rules are to be safe and legal. Now I set you free.


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