Aug 182012

Author: Sean Korbitz

Armed with assault rifles, Fort Collins police responded to a 9-1-1 call this afternoon on the corner of Taft Hill and Elizabeth. According to Sergeant Kinsman of the Fort Collins Police Department, the call regarded a physical fight between two adult males.

One party consisted of a man and woman, as well as their young child in a car. The other party consisted of an adult male who was also accompanied by a child who was walking by. The second party approached the first when he overheard a loud argument between the family in the car.

According to Sgt. Kinsman, “The incident involved one of the men approaching the other regarding their parenting.  We [The Fort Collins PD] responded to this as a ‘High Risk Vehicle,’ meaning there was the possibility of a weapon,” said Sgt. Kinsman.

Jennifer Anne Rose was just leaving work nearby when the incident began. She made the 9-1-1 call that would eventually bring the assault to a standstill.

“There was this taller guy with red hair yelling at this other man and beating him up… ” said Rose. “… they kept screaming ‘Call the cops.'”

Police officers responded within minutes of the call, guns drawn on one of the suspect’s vehicles.  In a 20-minute ordeal, the individuals inside the car were carefully escorted into separate police cruisers.

Police officers took the young child of the parents in a separate car. Sergeant Kinsman said the two men involved in the altercation were not of relation. Details concerning the arrest of the other male suspect are unavailable at this time.

Because both parties are suspects in the incident, neither is able to file charges. Such charges, if filed will be left to the police.  No other details could be released from officers at the time regarding the suspects’ identities.

A previous post of this article stated the incident occurred on the corner of Shields and Elizabeth.  The correct location was the corner of Taft Hill and Elizabeth streets.  CTV will continue to follow this story as it develops.


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