Jul 112012

Author: CollegeAveStaff

By Kate Wilson

So many of the trends I’ve seen this year already are just old trends living on. I’ve revisited a few trends from 2011 to share what the fuss is about, and be your guide for what to get wear from or get rid of.

Fedoras: Classy, versatile and comfortable. Keep ‘em.

Hair feathers: This isn’t 1967, and the hippie movement is over. Unless you’re planning to use them for a fun day of fishing, ditch the tackle. Kick ‘em.

Ugly comfy shoes (Crocs, Tom’s and Sperry): Keep ‘em. They’re boring and outdated, but they’re expensive. If the investment has already been made, you might as well wear them.

Skinny jeans: Kick ‘em, if you can manage to move your leg that much without them ripping. Guy or gal, NO ONE looks good in skinny jeans.

Headbands: I was on the fence about this one, because it’s been a bit overdone as the American version of the fascinator with all the frilly stuff (What is that supposed to be anyway – a pompom? A bow? A flower?) Although they look best on toddlers, they are quite practical in keeping the hair off your face. Keep ‘em.

Brightly colored tights: These are appropriate if you are a professional clown or a 10-year-old little girl. Otherwise, kick ‘em.

Cupcakes!: Notice the exclamation point at the end of Cupcakes!? That’s because these little treats are exciting and always will be. They’ve been the trendiest dessert for the past couple of years (according to my own observation only) for a reason. Sure, they’re fattening. But in that cute, petite, portion-controlled cup, who can resist? Keep ‘em!

The moral of the story is to ditch the kiddie-inspired styles and go for a little more sophistication. Exceptions are items that cost a lot of money, are completely practically in use or will make for a great Halloween costume.



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