Jul 112012

Author: CollegeAveStaff

I am a second semester fifth year senior. Doing any task outside of the newsroom has now become loathsome.  Alas, the powers that be are requiring me to continue to trek towards earning a degree at Colorado State University.

Among my carefully selected array of hundred level lecture classes, I have managed to pick up a child development class. My hope is that there will be a day, far from now, that I may need to have a knowledge of these tiny squirmy beings.


Congratulations! My easy-peasy-rice-and-cheesy lecture class has delivered me with a healthy digital baby boy! By some miracle I am expected to parent him to a fully functioning age 18.

So what do I know about parenting? Nada. Which is why the staff at College Avenue Magazine has stepped up to help me out. Together we will be answering some seriously tough, sometimes funny, questions that will shape our child as he grows.


Happy Birthday!

Our healthy baby boy, College Avenue II, was born on Jan. 19, 2012. He is currently 12 months old after cranking though a series of tutorials and multiple-choice questions.

Like any new parent, this process has turned out to be harder than we expected! There were decisions to be made about when to start feeding him solid foods, if you should puree it, what is a normal level of social interaction, etc.

Keep in mind (as in real life) with every answer we chose, we were guiding the intricacies of College Ave. II’s future! If we answered to his every cry he may become dependent later on. If we didn’t answer his every cry he may reject us as socially interactive parents and cling to others.

The program the class is using is called Virtual Child, through Pearson Education. Virtual Child evaluates our baby, and all of the decisions we make within the first 30 months of his life, on five dimensions – activity, sociability, emotionality, aggressiveness vs. cooperativeness and self-control.  So far, we’re nose deep in to the nitty-gritty stench of hard questions.

Growing up in a bustling, rowdy newsroom is a rough place to be, but some magazine staff has got to do it!


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