Jul 112012

Author: CollegeAveStaff

By Mikaela Antonelli 

Living in the dorms is a once in a lifetime experience, not always a fantastic one, but still a once in a lifetime experience. With this new environment come a new diet and a new way ofliving. You are living in a small area with another person, but also you are living in a hall with about 30 other people. in this environment you are encouraged to eat at the dining hall conveniently located near where you are living. The dining halls at CSU are fantastic for first year students, it’s like having mom live with you all over again, the food is always there and ready for you to consume, however you can easily grow tired of the food in the dining halls, be it because there is not too much choice or you frequent the same dining halls too often, it can get a little repetitive, and using the kitchen in your hall can be crowded and frustrating. This semester I have moved my meal plan down to only one a day, this has provided me with new choices in my meals but also some room to explore. When I make myself meals for lunch or dinner it has usually been the typical Top Ramen, sandwich, or Easy  Mac, but there are so much more opportunities to make great meals with just a microwave and a coffee maker. For my first endeavor I chose to try and make pasta in my microwave. Using the idea of top Ramen it was quite easy and cheap to make.

What you need:

  • Box of spaghetti (any type)
  • Bowl
  • Water
  • Butter
  • Sauce (if desired)

First you need to take about a half handful of spaghetti and break it into about ¼ the size of the regular spaghetti and place into the bowl. Next pour water into the bowl till the spaghetti is fully submerged. Finally you just set it in the microwave for about 7 minutes. After your spaghetti is fully cooked drain the water. Finally add the butter and spaghetti sauce. (In my meal I did not have any sauce so I just used butter but sauce is fairly cheap so you can add this as well.)

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