Jul 102012

Author: CollegeAveStaff

By Jaime Pritchard

Q: Tell me about your life before CSU. Where did you grow up?

Kyle: I grew up in Loveland, CO and I’ve pretty much just rodeo-ed my whole life. I tried football and basketball, but I didn’t really like dealing with coaches so I pretty much just ended up rodeo-ing.

Q: What events do you do?

Kyle: Calf roping and team roping

Q: Where did you compete?

Kyle: All over Colorado, and then for nationals, in either New Mexico, Wyoming, or Oklahoma.

Q: You’ve made it to nationals?

Kyle: [I’ve gone] four years, two in high school and two in junior high.

Q: Why did you decide to come to CSU?

Kyle: It was just close. And it’s really expensive to go somewhere else because you have to pay for all of your horses to live somewhere else. I keep them on my parents’ property. We have a boarding facility where we board other horses. It’s kind of a ranch. It works out.

Q: What is it like having your dad as a coach?

Kyle: He’s kind of always been my coach. He’s always helped me with stuff so it’s pretty much the same as it’s always been. At this level, there’s not much a coach can do because, it’s so expensive to go to rodeos. If you’re not competitive to some extent you really can’t afford to do it unless you have a lot of money somewhere.

Q: Can your break the expenses down for me?

Kyle: First [there are] the entry fees. For college rodeos, they aren’t that bad. It’s usually costs me about $97 a weekend. And we have to travel; our first rodeo is 6 hours away, so that’s $200 in fuel right there. And then, hotels, and the horses and everything cost so much on their own. College rodeo is not that big of a deal, but I am trying to go pro and so you have to have enough horses for that. It get’s pretty pricy.

Q: What does it mean to go pro?

Kyle: You do it individually. The only thing you can do is get sponsorships if you win money or you’re doing well enough that you get sponsors behind you. That’s how most guys make their living because pro rodeo isn’t like most sports. You don’t get a contract or anything like that; you have to earn every penny. Anyone can go pro; it’s just weather or not you can make a living doing it. It’s hard. It’s more just doing it for the passion of being able to rodeo and less for the money.

Q: Why are you so passionate about rodeo?

Kyle: I pretty much like everything about it. Practicing is fun and traveling all over to new places and meeting new people is fun. A couple weeks ago I went to 5 rodeos in 2 days. I like doing that. Over Thanksgiving I had days where I drove 14-16 hours straight. For the whole week that’s all I did: just went to rodeos. Competing is always a huge adrenaline rush. And I like that it’s a sport in which you aren’t getting a million dollar contract or nothing like that. Rodeo is purely for the joy and passion of being able to rodeo.


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