May 062012
Authors: Erik Carman

Hundreds of students gathered in the Lory Student Center Plaza at 9 p.m. May 4, but they weren’t on their way to class. They were there to strip off their clothes in what may have been one of the largest Undie Run events in school history.

“I’ve never seen people so enthusiastic to take off their clothes in public,” said freshman liberal arts major Savannah McCormick, who came with friends to see the event.

Senior Criminal Justice major Stephen Woodruff, who orchestrated this year’s Undie Run through Facebook, said online confirmations had peaked between 1,800 and 2,000.

“There was at least 1,800 people here,” said freshman health and exercise science major Sarah Stamper. “It was un-real.”

Woodruff, who had created the Facebook event only a few weeks prior, said he and friends worked in collaboration with the Homeless Awareness team here at CSU to create the annual charitable event.

“I hadn’t heard anything about it this year,” Woodruff said. “So I decided to just do it myself.”

Woodruff said he and some friends spent roughly two hours gathering the clothes gathered by Undie-Runners, which numbered to about “six and a half truckloads,” Woodruff said.

“At first we were just going to donate them to Goodwill,” Woodruff said. “But then a friend of mine contacted someone from CSU’s Homeless Awareness Team.”

That someone was senior construction management major and HAT President Jordan Traynel, who has stored the thousands of clothing articles in his garage since Friday night.

“Myself and other Homeless Awareness members have been bagging the clothes,” Traynel said. “We’ll then give them to (the organization) Homeless Gear.”

Traynel said that Homeless Gear, an organization with locations across the state, would hold an event later in the month where the clothes would be distributed to the homeless community.

“Every month they have an event where the homeless can come and pick through what clothes they would like,” Traynel said.

And for returning Undie-Runners, this year’s event did not disappoint.

“There were more people this year,” said senior Natural Resources major and veteran Undie-Runner Ike Manobla.

Manobla was joined by senior construction management major Wesley O’Rourke, who also expressed his satisfaction with the event.

“It’s a good fundraiser,” O’Rourke said.

But for philanthropists like Traynel, the event meant more than just a good time.

“It’s really rewarding to see a bunch of college students going out of their way to make a fun experience that gives back to the community,” Traynel said._

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-An estimated 2,000 people were in attendance at this year’s Undie Run
-Event took place on the plaza at 9 p.m. on May 4
-All proceeds will go to Homeless Gear, which will distribute clothing to local community

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