May 062012
Authors: Elisabeth Willner

A CSU student is in critical condition after a leap from the roof of a building at Ram’s Village on the afternoon of May 5.

The student, who 9News identified as sophomore wildlife and conservation biology major Ian Smith, attempted to dive from a roof into the apartment complex’s pool, but missed and hit the side.

Witnesses say that many of the pool-goers had been drinking, although it could not be confirmed if Smith was drunk at the time of the accident.

“He slammed the concrete and then kind of slid into the pool, obviously hurting,” said Wes Hawes, a senior applied computing technology major who witnessed the accident.

“If you didn’t see it happen, you heard it happen,” Hawes said.

Smith jumped about 30 feet, according to Captain Patrick Love, a spokesman for the Poudre Fire Authority.

9News reported that Smith broke his ankles, heels and some of his vertebrae from the fall. He is now being treated at the Medical Center of the Rockies.

Witnesses say that before Smith jumped, many of the crowd members attempted to discourage him with hand signals and shouts of “don’t do it.”

“I don’t know if up there it seemed like a better idea,” Hawes said, “but from the pool it did not seem like a good idea to try something like that.”

The Ram’s Village pool recently opened for the season. Although no lifeguards monitor the pool, posted rules specify that no running or jumping is allowed.

Alex Ryan, a resident of Ram’s Village who witnessed the accident, said that he has seen someone attempt to jump off of balconies into the pool before, but that people generally know better.

He also added that often the pool-goers who cause trouble are visitors and not residents of Ram’s Village.

“We have quite a peaceful community that don’t get drunk and don’t get crazy,” said Ryan.

At press time, it could not be confirmed whether Smith was a resident of Ram’s Village.

Neither Smith’s family or Ram’s Village could not be reached for comment.

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