May 042012
Authors: Amy McDaniel

Have you ever wondered what happened in the Land of Oz before
Dorothy stole the limelight? How the Wicked Witch became so sinister? Or what caused the divide between the West and the North? Where did it all begin?

“Wicked,” the award-winning musical play that has been enchanting audiences for more than eight years, is showing in theaters around the country and receiving rave reviews.

It’s not simply a musical depiction of the well-known film about Dorothy’s adventure outside of Kansas. “Wicked” takes you back in time in the whimsical world of Oz, to the early life of Glinda the Good Witch and her relationship with Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West.

Colorado State University graduate and theatre enthusiast, Brittany Porter, has already seen the play three times at the Buell Theatre in Denver and plans to attend in the future.

“Loved it!” Porter said. “It’s my favorite. I’d see it probably 30 more times!”

According to Porter, who has been acting since age eight and performs in musicals herself, “Wicked” stands out from the rest due to one thing: spectacle.

“Fancy, crazy costumes and crazy colors,” Porter said. “And a dragon at the top of the set that moves randomly, monkeys flying. Lots of spectacle.”

The show’s set features an array of mesmerizing colors, including a brilliant shade of emerald green painted on features of the Wicked Witch. The actors, all wearing intricate costumes, along with the use of
effects such as fog machines, a fly system and dramatic lighting bring the story to life.

This musical is also unique, according to freshman theatre major Annie Booth, because of the focus of the plot. “The story revolves around the villain of a classic story, which I feel like is a first.”

Porter described the ticket pricing as fair. While orchestra level tickets may be a little out of the average student’s price range, she said balcony seats are reasonable and offer a great view of the entire stage. Although Booth contested that overall the show is not exactly cheap, she explained that special student discount nights help.

“Plus, it is a special occasion type of thing, so it is worth the extra price,” Booth said.

“Wicked” will be playing at the Buell Theatre from April 11 through May 20, 2012. Tickets range from $35 to $160 depending on the date and time of the show. All you have to do is click your heels together and repeat: there’s no place like the Land of Oz!

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