May 032012
Authors: Greg Mees

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from writing this column over the past year, it’s that food holds much more power than just filling up your stomach. Food has the power to bring people together in ways that nothing else can.

Erin Udell and I started our eating binge late last summer and since then, I don’t know if I’ve built a stronger friendship with a coworker.

We’ve grown so close that, I kid you not, people have thought we are dating. Erin and I do go on dates. We go on food dates to explore this city –– a city that has one of the most incredible restaurant scenes in the country.

And sadly, this marks the end of the road for Eat Up & Drink Up. With graduation looming for Erin, I want to take a chance to offer some advice to our readers.

We’re college students, which means we’re poor and always busy. But this shouldn’t be an excuse to not enjoy the food scene that Fort Collins has to offer.

My advice in its simplest form would be this: Take an hour or two each week to slow down, fill your belly and enjoy the company of a friend. Because food, family and friendship is all you truly need. Thanks to Erin and our food adventures, I’ve realized that.

I’ll never forget the times we ate at Cafe Vino and shared bacon-wrapped dates. I think that’s when I knew we would be lifelong friends.

There’s the time we went to Chipotle and shoved our faces full of food. We were so full that we could barely walk back to the car, and yet, what did we do? We got ice cream, of course.

One of the best conversations Erin and I had was at Jax Fish House. We sat and just talked about life and our dreams for almost two hours. And it’s amazing chats like those you will always carry with you.

And then, of course, there are the quick runs to Taco Bell or Spoons in the Lory Student Center. Even those fast 10-minute trips out of the newsroom have given us food for thought and built the perfect recipe for a friendship that will last forever.

Those are all memories I will cherish for the rest of my life. And I hope others have the chance to experience the same.

So, my little lizard, here’s to you. Thank you for taking the time each week to eat your way through FoCo with me, but more importantly, thank you for the conversations we’ve had and the incredible friendship that we’ve built.

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