May 022012
Authors: Taylor Pettaway

For freshman zoology major Bobbie Ernst, preparing for finals is not complete without a trip to the TILT building for some extra testing help.

“TILT is extremely helpful,” Ernst said. “It gives me a place to go to ask questions outside of my professors’ office hours. It is convenient, and there is a lot of one-on-one help available.”

To help students who are overwhelmed or feel ill-prepared for final exams, TILT is offering a final exam preparation and test taking strategies workshop on Thursday at 7 p.m. This program is aimed to give students study strategies and tips for what to do during the exam.

“The purpose of this workshop is to give students tips and tools so that they can do their best on final exams,” said Heather Landers, director of Learning Programs at TILT. “Finals can be extremely stressful, so the workshop gives students ideas on how to manage their time during Finals week so that they go into each final exam prepared to show what they know –– what they have learned in class all semester.”

TILT offers workshops every week throughout the year on 14 different topics ranging from memory and concentration skills, goal setting and time management strategies, in order to help students improve. However, for finals week they are just specifically covering the test-taking strategies workshop because that is the most important for students at this time.

“We hope that students learn [in the workshops] to study for finals actively, instead of just re-reading notes and their test,” said Christie Yeadon, associate director of Learning Programs at TILT. “Also, we hope to lower students’ anxiety around final exams by giving them strategies for what they should do when they first get the test.”

Students who attend the workshop will learn helpful tips for the best ways to study for not only finals, but any test throughout the year. According to Yeadon, students should have started studying two weeks in advance, however there are still ways to effectively retain information. She suggests going to a distraction-free study space, studying during the most energized time of the day and taking 10-minute breaks for every hour of studying.

“Don’t multitask when studying,” Yeadon said. “Multi-tasking wastes time every time you move from one thing to another. Turn off your phone, have a friend change your password to Facebook for finals week and do whatever else it takes to focus on studying. Then reward yourself after studying with relaxing or social time.”

Pre-registration for the workshops is not necessary, and they are open to any student on campus.
“We have heard very positive feedback,” Yeadon said. “Students feel as though the information was of practical value to them, that it was well presented and that it increased their knowledge on the study or academic skill.”

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Studying for finals tips:
-Don’t multitask
-Start early
-Find a distraction free study space
-Take 10-minute breaks every hour

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