Apr 292012
Authors: Rocky Mountain Collegian Editorial Board

You know that old saying, “You don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone?”

The three CSU football players charged with disorderly conduct last week prove that there’s a reason this saying has stuck around.

After all, a few months ago, they had it all. They had a free education, more athletic talent than most of us could ever dream of and the chance to represent CSU across the country.

But their actions during an April 6 altercation outside of a party has proven that they’ve wasted that talent, and those amazing opportunities. In the years to come, as they hopefully learn from their mistakes, maybe they’ll realize how lucky they were, and how much their actions on that night dramatically altered the course of their lives.

As demonstrated by the community response to their actions, they’ve inadvertently made countless CSU students, alumni and community members out there wonder why they should still be proud to be a CSU Ram.

It’s not like the whole football team makes mistakes like this. Think about Ray Carter, Myke Sisson and Paul Madsen, a radically different set of CSU football players who took advantage of their immeasurable talent and opportunity, and who now have a good chance of donning NFL uniforms.

These are CSU football players who do make us proud to call ourselves CSU Rams, who actually used their talent and opportunity to its fullest potential.

Hopefully we can learn, not only from Sisson, Madsen and Carter, but also from Mike Orakpo, Nordly Capi and Colton Paulhus. Because at the end of the day, you can have all the talent and opportunity in the world, but it doesn’t matter unless you actually take advantage of it.

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