Apr 272012
Authors: Saira Taylor

Biking is a staple mode of transportation in Fort Collins. Whether it is on a beach cruiser, tandem, or a road or mountain bike, everyone is biking.

And when they aren’t biking, they are drinking beer from local breweries. In the summer of 2011, Theresa Preston turned Old Town Fort Collins upside-down when she combined the two: beer and biking.

Preston, with her love of the outdoors, friends and cycling, introduced MyHandleBar. “An elaborate party bike,” as Preston calls it.

MyHandleBar is an enormous, 16-person bike, hand crafted in the Netherlands with a rectangular bar that creates the perimeter of the bike.

Four monster-sized wheels, a wooden triangular roof, six seats on the left and right, three in the rear and one designated driver up front make up this party on wheels.

Originally called “fietscafe,” a loose Dutch translation for “bike café,” the idea was a friendly bet that was literally sketched on a pub napkin.

“It’s a great way to see all of Old Town,” said Brian Bjork, Colorado State University alumnus and driver of MyHandleBar. “When people think of Old Town, they think about beer and biking. What could be better?”

So what does it take to power this bar on wheels?

“A big group of loud, fun and sometimes drunk people,” Bjork said. He adds that the bike is easier to maneuver than it looks.

MyHandleBar first debuted in Fort Collins in June of 2011 with a small tour of a few Old Town bars. Now, the international party-bike offers two tours: Brew-Muda and Bar Bonanza.

“The bike was so popular we decided to extend our season,”
Preston said.

Originally scheduled to end tours on Oct. 31, Preston and the crew decided to pedal through to Nov.19.

“Boy was the joke on us when the sun decided to keep shining on us with beautiful Colorado weather,” Preston said.

The MyHandleBar season runs from March 1 to Nov.15. While MyHandleBar does not serve to its peddlers, Preston hopes someday the bike bar will be able to quench its thirsty passengers. The bike bar has already expanded to Boulder, Colo.

“We hope to keep expanding throughout Colorado,” Preston said. “Given the physically conscious nature and love of craft beer that Coloradoans have, I was certain that this would be appealing to a lot of people.”

To book your tour go to myhandlebar.com

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