Up All Night with KCSU

Apr 262012
Authors: KCSU Alex Hall

I’ve never pulled an all-nighter before.

“Pshaw,” you might say, what with me being a college student and all, but I’m actually quite economical with my time. Sure, I came close a couple of times –– especially that one night where I had about 15 pages of essay due in the morning –– but I really wanted my first time to be special.

But I’m pulling my first one tonight, against all odds, and it isn’t even for homework. 90.5 KCSU FM is running the 24-Hour DJ-a-thon, and somehow, I’m in it.

I’m going to arrive at 8 a.m., savor the last breath of fresh air I will have in a day, and then stand plaintively with my fellow DJs as the door to the studio closes and locks. I anticipate that the sound the final deadbolt makes as it slides coldly into place will be particularly horrifying.

I hope they’re not actually locking us in. Of course, that’s what the station says, but it’s a marketing strategy, right? To make it sound worse than it actually is? Right? Otherwise, lunchtime could get a bit interesting.

So we’re in there for a full day. Thankfully, I haven’t dated or gotten impixlocated near any of these people, so I have nothing to be uncomfortable about. We’ll be running programming for the whole day, so I imagine I’ll play Radiohead every twenty minutes and DJ EZ-B, who will also be there, will get on a Blur kick at about 11 a.m. only to denounce the band as Britpop posers at 4 p.m. At around 6 a.m. on Saturday, Allie (our news director and fellow DJ-a-thon-er) might go on an incoherent tirade about whale populations in Chile. If we’re lucky.

Actually, looking at things now, this might be the most enjoyable all-nighter I’ll pull all year.

Alex Hall can be reached at verve@collegian.com.

WHAT: Third Annual DJ-a-thon, a 24-hour fundraiser for our in-studio-performance area
WHO: Three popular and scared DJs
WHEN: 8 a.m. Friday to 8 a.m. Saturday

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