Apr 252012
Authors: Rocky Mountain Collegian Editorial Board

It’s obvious, sitting in the Associated Students of CSU Senate meetings and seeing the glow of laptop screens set on Facebook, that our senators are tired, bored, burnt out and, in turn, letting things slip.

Sure, there are some occasional, fleeting moments of energy and life –– like last month when they voted a resolution urging student-fee funded areas to avoid fee increases into emergency status –– but those are few and far between.

And while that action sent a great message, saying that ASCSU is trying to get student fee funded areas to pinch pennies in order to save us students money, they turned around two weeks later and voted, after little debate or dispute, to approve a new budget that would give our president and vice president-elect Regina Martel and Joe Eden each a $750 salary increase next year.

We need senators who are willing to speak up and be a pain in the ass by creating debates in the best of interest of students.

Don’t argue for the sake of arguing, though. If you let a $1,500 salary increase pass without contest and spend your time nitpicking over something that won’t affect students in the long run what does that say to the students you’re trying to represent?

So get fired up, but within reason. Remember, when Facebook and Angry Birds is calling your name, that you need to be present, instrumental and productive.

Say no when you think students would want to and always create a conversation when you know you need to.

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