Apr 242012
Authors: Rocky Mountain Collegian Editorial Board

Look around you. Out of every four young women you see, statistically speaking, at least one has been a victim of sexual assault.

And in many cases, that woman was too afraid to tell anyone –– she let her assailant dictate her courage.

We encourage all CSU students, regardless of whether they’ve been a victim of sexual assault or know someone who has been, to attend tonight’s Take Back the Night event in the Lory Student Center Sculpture Garden. Because no one should walk the streets at night feeling that their courage has been stolen away.

At tonight’s event, survivors of sexual assault will speak to attendees about their experiences and their journey to recovery. Since this is CSU’s 21st year of hosting Take Back the Night, it’s clear that we’re remaining conscious to the extremely important issue –– but it’s also clear we have a long way to go in educating the community about its magnitude.

We can’t be afraid to talk about the seriousness of sexual assault and its presence on our campus; before real action can be taken, real conversations must be had.

Survivors need to know that there are always people who will listen to their stories –– such as CSU’s Women and Gender Advocacy Center –– and friends of victims can’t be afraid to articulate their support in regards to a such a sensitive subject.

Whenever we as students are given the opportunity to both support others and empower ourselves, we should grab it –– this evening, let’s take back our night.

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