Apr 242012
Authors: Logan Martinez

Who doesn’t exercise at the campus Rec Center? Whether running, weightlifting, or just going for a run down the road, listening to an iPod or MP3 can put a little extra oomph in one’s step.

But thinking about those high armband prices makes one want to stay home. Here is the solution to that problem: make an armband out of something everyone already has: a tube sock.

What you will need:

A Tube Sock
Needle and thread (Optional)

1. First, make sure that sock is clean; no one wants a stinky sock hanging around his or her arm. Take the scissors and cut the sock at the end of the tube section, just above the heel section, so all that is left is the tube portion.

2. Now turn the tube inside out and insert your arm so the top of the sock is in the middle of your upper arm. Fold the tube upwards to create a pocket, with the outside of the sock showing.

3. Slip the iPod or MP3 into the pocket that was created and voila! It is an iPod armband. Optional: With a needle and thread stitch a vertical line along the back of the tube to keep the pocket in place.

Now there is no excuse to miss that trip to the gym that has been calling you all semester.

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