Apr 192012
Authors: Allison Sylte

1. You can save $20

April 21 to 29 is free week at every national park in the country. Save yourself a little bit of money and see what nearby Rocky Mountain National Park is all about without paying the $20 minimum entrance fee.

2. To explore 355 miles of hiking trails

That’s a lot of freaking hiking. If you can get it done during free week, we salute you.

3. To get a serious workout, without going to the Rec Center

We recommend the 13.2 mile Thunder Lake trail, which offers you amazing views of the Wild Basin area of RMNP and an absolutely beautiful grand finale in the form of its namesake high-altitude lake, nestled just below treeline.

4. To have an excuse to drink a margarita at the Grumpy Gringo

Hiking is awesome. It’s even better when you know you have a killer margarita to look forward to.

5. Because, why the heck not?!

It’s only an hour away, and it offers some of the best views in the state. Sure, you can lay on your couch hungover, but instead you could get some fresh air in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

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