Apr 182012
Authors: Moonier Said

Summertime is a chance to get away for many students, but for those that aren’t ready to leave Fort Collins, the time for summer leasing is now.

While leasing for the summer months may seem easier than during the fall-time rush, students are advised to begin their search now with all the resources available through off-campus life.

“We send all of our students to www.rentalsearch.colostate.edu,” said Nancy Rhodes, an administrative assistant in CSU’s Off-Campus Life office. “This is our very own list of available rentals throughout Fort Collins that also links you to CSU students.”

Rentalsearch.colostate.edu is a search engine built to provide comprehensive information for potential renters based on the cost of rent, distance from campus and type of housing.

“This page is packed with helpful information and links to documents, booklets and tips that will help you along your way,” Off-Campus Life Program Manager Brandi Sampson said.

Students like senior Alex Falloon, who are looking for people to take over their leases, can write a post on the site.

“One of my buddies who moved to Boulder had some success with it, so I thought I would try it out for myself since I’m moving,” Falloon said.

And if the Internet isn’t your thing, Off-Campus life is hosting another roommate round-up that will be held on April 25 in Lory Student Center room 208.

“Those that need a roommate wear a different color name tag than those who need a place, and then you basically mingle to see if anyone there has what you are looking for,” Sampson said.

The office also offers ocl.colostate.edu, a site containing information on how to find roommates, as well as listings of fellow CSU students who want a roommate or someone to sublet their apartment.

Sub-leasing allows people who don’t want to break their lease to find a person who can take it over for an allotted time. With subletting, however, because the original lease still stands, the original tenant is still responsible for making sure rent is paid.

“Some landlords don’t allow sub-leasing, so it can be hard to find a replacement,” Public Relations Coordinator Kelsie Endreson said. “That’s why our website is a safe way to look for sub-leasing and summer housing compared to Craigslist.”

The booklet titled “Avoiding Sticky Situations” located in the Off-Campus Life office is also a great guide on the ins and outs of leasing with information on renter’s insurance, budgeting tips, city codes and how to build good relationships with neighbors.

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Need a roommate? Try out the roommate round-up…
Where: LSC room 208
When: April 25 at 5 p.m.

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