Apr 172012
Authors: Elizabeth Drolet

According to the Federation Association of Brain and Behavioral Sciences, it is all about the distracting elements that bring the big ideas…And what’s better known for providing distraction, than alcohol?

The study reports that by reducing a person’s focus, a person’s ability to creatively problem solve is enhanced.

The study concludes, that it’s all about the reduced role of the working memory part of the brain. This is what gives us the capacity to focus, make decisions, and be logical. When this is not engaged, the brain is simply streaming consciousness and is distracted.

The same occurs by sleeping, taking a hot shower, or getting older.

This distraction gives the brain the ability to be innovative and creative problem solve by associating remote ideas together.

This creative problem solving, essentially entails thinking outside the box.

If you have ever experienced a sudden answer popping into your head, from what seems out of nowhere-you have experienced creative problem solving.

CTV Reporter Elizabeth Drolet speaks with a CSU Cognitive Psychology Grad Student, as well as, hears students reactions about the potential creative outlet they are “tapping” into when moderate drinking occurs.

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