How To Be a Good Driver

Apr 162012
Authors: Austin Croley

Being a good driver is a crucial thing in today’s world. With so many large highways, tight city streets and even today’s new car technology are reasons to drive well.

Anyone can learn how to drive the proper way. Put your hands at ten and two, gas pedal and brake pedal, turn signals and the like. However, there are a couple of crucial principles they do not teach you at driving school.

Be confident. When you step behind the wheel of a car, you have to know what you’re getting into. We all know what happens when we get nervous. Right before your big speech, or a sports game, you get sweaty and hot, your voice starts to go and most importantly, you forget things.

When you drive timidly, you can forget a lot of basic knowledge. You start to not check your mirrors when switching lanes or you don’t look at stop signs or street signals. Your fear begins to control your mind and doesn’t allow good driving to flow. So be confident and reassure yourself that you can do this; its just driving.

Be focused. There are so many distractions when operating a vehicle: phones, iPods, scenery, other cars, and friends. All of those can lead you off the right path. To avoid being distracted by the first two items on the list, just put them away. Keep your phone on loud so if somebody does call then you can answer it. Honestly that is not too good but at least you are not looking away from the road and texting. Plus, somebody might be in an emergency so it is okay to answer a call.

Texting can wait, because hopefully if it is an emergency, the person would be smart enough to just go ahead and call you. Instead of scrolling through your iPod, just pick a playlist or CD and play it through so you’re not constantly looking down for the next bumping jam. With the other items of distraction, a good way to block them out is to ask your stupid friends to quiet down, do not stare at the sweet Ferrari next to you, and for scenery just pretend you’re driving in Kansas; nothing really to see.

Be aware. Yes it is always good to keep your eyes on the road, but if you are not checking around every now and again you won’t know what is going on. There could be a guy driving way too fast behind you that could hit you. Or you might have somebody next to you veering into you lane and such.

There are so many things that can be happening around you, and if you’re not aware, then you won’t be able to see a bad situation unfolding. Also, if you are looking then you will be able to react a lot quicker to a problem. So keep a watchful eye.

A few more tips. When you are in the fast lane, do not drive slower than any car. Also, be looking in your mirror for somebody going faster than you so you can move over for them.

Be courteous. Nice drivers don’t attract as many road raged enemies. Also, don’t get mad at someone or flip them the bird. Just yell angrily to yourself in your car if that makes you feel better, because honestly you really can’t do anything about their crappy driving or bad attitude. Be the bigger person and let it go.

Be defensive. Even if you are driving fast, always be watching for the other guy to make a wrong move. Never assume other drivers see you or know you are there. Expect everybody to make a bad mistake while driving so you can be ready for when they do. And wear your seat belt.

Lastly, Enjoy it. You get to drive in a car and not ride a horse or walk to somewhere that’s 40 miles away. It is beautiful to have to do almost as little effort as possible to get somewhere; so have fun and be safe.

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