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Apr 162012

Learn how you learn

In a campus of more than 27,000, it’s safe to say not every single student learns coursework the same way –– and for those with unique learning styles, it’s easy to feel lost in the rush.

Today at 7 p.m. in Room 105 of the TILT building, students can find out the best way to make the most of their college career by realizing their individual learning styles at the Learning Preference Workshop.

At the workshop, attendees will learn about different teaching and learning styles, as well as how to properly apply individual learning styles to different professors.

All students are welcome to attend, and event contact Christie Yeadon can be reached at (970) 491-2519 for more information.

Explore the beautiful art of science

Some find poetry in chemical formulas, romance in the Periodic Table and inspiration in Newton’s laws –– some find art in science.

Today at 10 a.m. in the Lincoln Center’s Magnolia Art Gallery, students, faculty and staff from the CSU Art Department and College of Natural Sciences will display this concept at the CSU Art and Science Exhibition.

“The exhibit celebrates the wide range of creative output found in the juxtaposition of these distinct yet undeniably related disciplines and showcases the creative energies of the Colorado State University community,” according to the Lincoln Center’s website.

Tickets can be purchased at

Become a master of wine

Today at 6 p.m. in the Aspen Grille, students and the community can taste and learn about what many refer to as the “nectar of the gods”: Wine.

Tonight’s 2012 Winemaster Dinner, which is put on by CSU’s Hospitality Management Program, will feature a delightful dinner of classic French Cuisine. During the dinner, representatives from local wineries will guide diners through the wine tasting and food pairing experience.

Tickets cost $50 and can be purchased at the door. Event contact Jeffrey Miller can be reached (970) 491-6705 for more information.

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