Apr 152012
Authors: Elisabeth Willner

The discussion of whether or not CSU should build an on-campus stadium will continue Monday night with the first of two identical forums to be held in the Fum McGraw Athletic Center.

The forums, which will take place at 5:30 p.m. on Monday and Tuesday, will include presentations by CSU’s newly-hired architectural consultants, as well as an hour-long question and answer session with the public.

Kyle Henley, a CSU spokesman, said that the forums are part of an ongoing effort to hear public input about the stadium.

“This is a continuation of our public engagement process,” Henley said.

The forums will mark the first interaction between the general public and the new architectural consultants hired by the university. CSU announced its choices –– Populous Inc. and ICON Venue Group –– last Wednesday.

Populous, a national architectural firm that was already under consideration by the university, was retained because of its experience with university stadiums, according to Henley. The firm has designed more than 80 different stadium projects, including a stadium at the University of Minnesota, which received LEED silver certification.

ICON Venue group, a stadium consultant, will work with the firm to conduct a feasibility study.
Both will be funded by private donors, with Populous receiving $139,000 and ICON receiving $210,000.

At the forums, the two groups will have 30 minutes to give what Henley called a “stadium 101” on the feasibility process. University staff will also be present and give a 30-minute presentation about site selection. Five potential sites are currently under consideration.

Other topics will include uses for a stadium other than football and a discussion of the CSU master plan. The final hour of the meeting will be open to questions and comments from both the CSU and Fort Collins communities.

Over the weekend, students and community members considered whether they would attend.

Connie Meyer, a Fort Collins resident and CSU alumna, said that she had not yet gone to any of the stadium meetings because of her work schedule, but would consider attending the next.

Meyer is opposed to the on-campus stadium.

“To me, having been a CSU student, a new stadium would kind of ruin the look and feel of the CSU campus,” Meyer said.

Tim Mowry, a current sophomore majoring in biology, also said he would consider attending the forums. Mowry was initially opposed to the idea of building a stadium on campus, but now considers himself neutral.

“As long as it doesn’t raise tuition or school fees and it doesn’t take up any green space, I don’t see any problem with it,” Mowry said.

For more information on stadium forums visit colostate.edu/stadium.

Collegian writer Elisabeth Willner can be reached at news@collegian.com.

The meetings
Who: Consultants (Populous Inc., ICON Venue Group) and university staff
What: Discussion of the feasibility of an on-campus stadium, criteria for stadium sites, uses for a stadium outside football and the CSU master plan
Where: Fum McGraw Athletic Center, first-floor auditorium
When: 5:30 p.m.

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