Apr 112012
Authors: The Rocky Mountain Collegian Editorial Board

Anyone who’s ever been to a house party before they were 21 knows the four words that immediately elicit fear: “The cops are here.”

These words can clear a house in a few minutes flat, leaving the tenants alone in a booze-filled haze. In most cases, the police won’t press any charges, as long as a noise violation wasn’t committed and all underage drinkers have left.

But if Team Fort Collins –– a nonprofit organization that advocates against underage drinking and other substance abuse –– gets their way, those tenants would automatically get charged. Within their proposed “Social Host Ordinance” measure, any student who hosts a party with underrage drinkers in attendance will be charged, regardless of who provided the alcohol.

While we aren’t about to defend underrage drinking, the truth is, Fort Collins is a college town –– it’s inevitable. And measures like Team Fort Collins’ would only work to widen the growingly apparent disconnect between CSU students and the Fort Collins community.

No matter how hard you try, Team Fort Collins, this town will never be a “Stepford City.”

So instead of trying to unfeasibly reprimand all students hosting house parties –– which, some may argue, provide a safe, contained environment for drinking –– advocacy groups should work on closing the disconnect between us and them. Because with measures like this, it’s easy to feel like we as students are being attacked.

While CSU students should never be disrespectful to the community, students shouldn’t be disrespected by the community, either.

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