Apr 082012
Authors: The Rocky Mountain Collegian Editorial Board

Despite the fact that Associated Students of CSU President and Vice President-elect Regina Martel and Joe Eden have been touting their beliefs for three weeks now, we still have no idea what exactly they’re going to accomplish during their term.

And that’s a problem.

Sure, they have discussed improving campus WiFi and creating an online version of the test file. But these are fairly straightforward campaign promises that should be easy to accomplish.

When it comes to the big stuff, like the on-campus stadium, RamRide and the structure of our student government, the theme of their tenure rests of “soliciting student input” –– an idea that’s pretty darn vague when you stop and think about it.

That’s why our biggest piece of advice to the Martel and Eden administration as they move forward and plan for next year is to actually own their beliefs, to stop being vague and to actually develop an informed opinion and make things happen.

After all, it’s great that our student government representatives want to be representatives, but the truth is, no matter what, you can’t represent the will of our large, multi-faceted student body with every decision you make. You’re not going to make everyone happy, no matter how much student input you solicit.

And at that point, Regina and Joe will have to evolve beyond their “representative” mentality, and actually be leaders, and to actually make their own decisions.

And at this point, that’s a responsibility they don’t quite seem to understand.

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