Apr 052012
Authors: Allison Sylte

5. You’re tired of that other big rock close to town

Sure, nearby Horsetooth Rock is a gorgeous hike, but you can only do it so many times.

4. To get your feet wet in the Poudre

There’s nothing better after a long hike than kicking off your hiking boots and sticking your feet in the raging Cache la Poudre river (aka “nature’s spa”), conveniently located right at the trailhead.

3. To have an excuse to drink at the Mish

The Mishawaka Inn is located only a few minutes down the road from Grey Rock, giving you no excuse not to enjoy an Easy Street Wheat and watch the sunset over the Poudre from the inn’s deck.

2. You like to scramble

Do you think just hiking on a trail is boring? Do you like to climb around on rocks? Then Grey Rock is the hike for you.

1. To enjoy the best view in Fort Collins

The summit of Grey Rock has a small lake nestled in the rocks, and views of Long’s Peak, Poudre Canyon and the Front Range will not disappoint even the most cynical nature lover.

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