Apr 032012
Authors: The Rocky Mountain Collegian Editorial Board

It’s finally happening. After this semester ends we will never again have to type RamCT into our web browser. We’ll never again have to look at that ugly, dated layout. We’ll never again have to spend hours searching for our syllabus or our homework through utterly nonsensical menus.

The days of the RamCT you know are over, and it’s about time.

Starting this summer semester, RamCT Campus Edition 8 will be tossed out for RamCT Blackboard. This new website will feature a more efficient interface –– something we as students desperately need. It will also have drag-and-drop file uploads and an improved grade center.

These improvements will fix major flaws in the current class management system we use. It was almost more difficult to upload a paper to RamCT than it was to write the damn thing –– what with the constant error messages. Most of the time, the “My Grades” section of the old RamCT is a complete mess.

There’s another bonus to this updated RamCT. Most teachers currently don’t even bother with the Stone Age RamCT. From their end, the system is such a disaster that they don’t even put their classes online for students.

With an interface that makes even the least bit of sense, hopefully teachers will be encouraged to provide their students with a valuable online tool like RamCT.

Our student lives are stressful enough already, and professor’s lives too, so thanks CSU for finally canning the piece-of-crap RamCT we’ve been forced to suffer through for years.

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