Apr 032012
Authors: Austin Croley

Road trip, road trip! It has always been a love of mine to drive. Either it be fast, slow, cornering, accelerating, or just flat out cruise control.

One of the all-time greatest driving attitudes, in my opinion, is to sit back, put on your favorite CD, look at that open highway ahead and hit the gas. No true sense or idea of where you’re going or how long it’s going to take, just that you’re on your way.

There are two basic archetypes of road trips: The first is ‘the family experience,’ or as I like to call it, the ‘lets take people who probably already spend too much time together, cram them all into a tight, uncomfortable space for 25 and a half hours and watch the sparks fly.’ It all goes back to the old saying: you can choose your friends but not your family.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my family, but I’ve got to say that after 12 hours in the car without a drink, my lovely mother can start to be a little crazy. And my father’s obsession with making us clean the trash out of the car every 4 minutes could be quite a treat for a sitcom audience. That’s not even mentioning my brother, who falls asleep before we even get out of the driveway.

Family road trips are a great experience. It’s where you learn how light-hearted people can be, how fun your family truly is, or just how to shut up before mommy and daddy gouge your eyes out with the pen in the cup holder. Whatever it is, you realize that you can actually bond with these people who you sometimes just grunt at each day before breakfast.

It gives you that sense that there is more to one another, and that you can learn something new about people every day. It may seem like such a drag to be stuck with the big unit in the car, or Johnny drinks too much, but you look back on it later and are glad you have these people in your life. After all, they really are the wheels to your car.

The second basic archetype of the road trip is ‘the getaway.’ I want to go there; well, then go. It’s all about freedom. No more just going somewhere to see somebody, but just going to go. Who cares how many clothes you have or what you smell like, just put that peddle down and drive.

Drive as far as you want, until the motor blows or the sky falls. When you’re full, go on back. There is not really much to this type of road trip. The concept that lies beneath the hood is the idea that you are free. You’re not looking for anything, but you know you’ll probably find it. It is an experience to experience if you know what I mean.

So slam the gas and drive.

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