Apr 022012
Authors: David Polizzi

I want to put things into perspective. An on-campus stadium would be an excellent addition to our campus. But we don’t need it right now. Hughes is a good facility. And the argument that this will boost our student attendance is what I find most frustrating. Know what will boost student attendance? Wins. Bowl games. Have faith in our student body. The same student body that drove all the way to Louisville to cheer on our Rams in the tournament. The attendance will come with wins. That’s what our focus should be on.

I understand that a nicer facility helps draw in talent, and it does. But that is a factor amongst many that draw quality athletes to a winning program. Key word: W-I-N-N-I-N-G. Why would anyone want to play for a program that has only won three games in three straight years? Start bringing in wins — you’ll start attracting more talent.

Also, to those who compare us to CU’s on-campus stadium, realize that our football program is not at the caliber of CU. CU has a national championship. But more importantly, they are actually in a division that people care about. The Mountain West does not get BCS bids. This takes away good competition and media exposure.

These factors holistically should be corrected prior to fixing our stadium. You want a quality program, Tony Frank. Put us in a better division and start getting some wins. Once that happens, then we can talk about improving our facilities.

David Polizzi is a junior political science major.

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