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Authors: Anna Palmer

For spiritualists alike, the year 2012 brings with it a sense of change and rebirth. For this group of people, Dec. 21, 2012 is not to be met with fear, but instead with hope and possibility. Whether it is referred to as the shifting of consciousness or the spiritual awakening, this year is viewed by some to be a monumental shift in the evolution of the planet and of humanity.

“There is fear and concern- a sense that something is ending, something is dying. It’s true that something is dying- a certain state of consciousness,” Barbara Marx Hubbard, president of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution, said in an interview for BellaSpark magazine.

Hubbard explained that we are now discovering that destructive patterns and behaviors such as nuclear proliferation, resource depletion and pollution must change. At the same time, there is a more positive outlook to this imperfect state of affairs. Creativity, restoration and participation are emerging, giving birth to a type of humanity that is universal, she added.

Hubbard views this shifting in the planet as conscious evolution, where we are conscious of the fact that our actions are affecting our own evolution.

“We’re conscious that we can destroy our environment and our civilization, but we’re also becoming conscious that we can restore our environment and evolve ourselves,” she said.

Hubbard, along with other visionaries, is in the midst of organizing a project with the Shift Network. On Dec. 22 2012, there will be a celebration inclusive of all ages, backgrounds and cultures, of this planetary birth. She hopes to have 100 million people participate in this event.

Another visionary and regression hypnotherapist, Dolores Cannon, has been working extensively with her patients in search of answers for what this shift will bring. Under hypnosis, her patients have witnessed these changes and become conscious of the other changes that have yet to occur, including the creation of the “new earth”, which they have disclosed to Cannon in their sessions.

“It’s the end of civilization as we know it. We are moving into a new earth. The old earth is becoming too polluted, too corrupted, too environmentally unstable and a new earth is being created,” Cannon said in an interview discussing the Mayan calendar and 2012.

However, according to Cannon, via her patients, everyone won’t go because they can’t change their vibration that quickly. Those who are still locked in the negativity and stuck on the wheel of karma will be left with what they created. Those who understand what is happening will go to the new earth.

This long-awaited date of Dec. 21, 2012, marks the point of separation between the old earth and the new earth, the changing vibrations of frequencies and movement into a new dimension, she said. The old earth is where all the violence and natural disasters will be. The new earth, on the other hand, will be wonderful.

Cannon even claims that certain illnesses and symptoms are being caused by this shift, beginning in 2003.

“In order to move with the planet, our bodies have to change frequencies and vibrations. Your body has to gradually change in stages. Some of the symptoms are heart palpitations, high blood pressure, dizziness, joint aches and depression,” Cannon said.

“This has never happened in the history of the universe before. It’s a big thing that’s going to happen,” Cannon said.

Spiritual visionaries, like Hubbard and Cannon, give way to completely different perspectives for those who desire for a more optimistic viewpoint. These individuals focus specifically on changing the individual in hopes of changing the mass consciousness of humanity.

Lao Tzu, the founder of Taoism, once said, “If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself. If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself.

Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.”

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