The last day to survive

Mar 292012
Authors: Justin Goodfellow

Editor’s note: This is a fictional interpretation of a RamTalk submitted by an anonymous student.

Based off the RamTalk: “You know it’s springtime at CSU when the Nerf gun battles begin.”

It’s quiet. Pressed against the side of the building, I try my best to blend in with the plants. My camouflage outfit keeps me concealed behind the various trees and shrubs lining the sidewalk. This is it — the last day to survive.

Inhaling deeply, I try to assess the safety of my position. A select few walk by, but they seem to mean me no harm. Just past the sidewalk rests a cluttered landscape full of pillars, rocks and bike racks. It would be a safe place for me to dash. On the other hand, it looks like a great place for the zombies to lurk in as well.

Checking the time, I begin to feel anxious. I have less than five minutes now. And deep down in my shivering bones, I know the time for hiding has left. I check my weapons to be sure they won’t jam in a time of dire need. I have plenty of ammo. It’s to-go.

Bursting out of the foliage, I begin a mad dash underneath Clark B. I frantically look to my sides and see no zombies rushing forward. A smile begins to form on my face. Suddenly, the Animal Science building seems close. As soon as I run into the large field behind Clark, I see the first zombie rushing forward. She is screaming to the rest of her kin as she closes in and I take my first shot. It hits her right on the forehead and she becomes silent.

Still running, I look and see four new zombies rushing out from behind trees. They are running in zigzag patterns, and I can only hit two of them before I realize the futility in running. Zombies are everywhere now. I can’t count how many. It’s as if they are sprouting out of the ground.

“Die, zombie scum!” I scream with blaring Nerf guns as I make my final stand.

And then it’s over. I’m on the ground, stripped of my bandana and plastic guns. I hear the echo of their laughs as I slowly close my eyes and wallow in defeat.

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