Mar 292012
Authors: Allison Sylte

During the only meeting held by the site selection subcommittee of the stadium advisory committee in the past two months, subcommittee members narrowed down multiple preliminary sites for the proposed on-campus stadium, which were presented during Thursday night’s public meeting.

The sites included the intersection of Lake Street and Meridian Avenue, directly on top of Ingersoll Hall and on the southeast side of campus –– areas that were not included in President Tony Frank’s initial stipulations about greenspace and viewsheds.

Each of these sites would require demolishing current buildings. The advisory committee’s co-chair, Vice President of University Operations Amy Parsons, emphasized that these sites are preliminary, and may be entirely altered based off of findings from the consulting company hired by the committee.

“(The consulting company) is maybe going to come back with some formidable challenges we hadn’t foreseen on these sites,” Parsons said.

In addition to discussing site selection, each of the four subcommittees gave 30 minute long presentations about their progress since the initial stadium advisory committee meeting on Feb. 3.

Findings from the alumni, campus and public engagement subcommittee revealed a significant disconnect between Fort Collins community members and the university, with a vast majority of Fort Collins community members claiming to be opposed to the stadium, while CSU alumni and donors were for the most part in favor of the proposal.

Ninety percent of CSU faculty, and 80 percent of staff, are opposed to the proposal, according to survey results.

A vast majority of the audience –– which mainly consisted of Fort Collins community members –– present at Thursday’s meeting were also opposed to the stadium.

“Do I love athletics? Absolutely,” said Harry Goldman, a Fort Collins resident in attendance. “But do we need a $200 to $400 million stadium to get people interested in them? No.”

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