Mar 272012
Authors: The Rocky Mountain Collegian Editorial Board

As reported in today’s front-page article “Seedstock success,” CSU’s 36th annual sale of yearling bulls and heifers went well, raking in $2.6 million –– $145,000 of that coming from sales by the CSU Seedstock Merchandising Team, which is made up of eight students.

You’ll probably agree with us when we say these students deserve our attention and congratulations. After all, while they had a lot of responsibilities throughout the process, including managing veterinary procedures, grooming and halter breaking the animals, they also did much more –– they kept our spirit of agriculture alive.

As young people, it’s easy to forget about our agricultural roots. But, through programs like the Seedstock Merchandising Team, students are helping us remember where we came from.

That giant ‘A’ near Hughes doesn’t stand for anthropology or accounting or art. It stands for Aggies, which we are and always will be.

At CSU, it’s not too uncommon to see men and women walking around fully clad in western wear.

This is a campus where, only a decade ago, a yearling steer escaped from a livestock pen and crashed through a glass hallway in Edwards Hall before running into an empty dorm room.

How many students can say that about their school? Not many.

One thing is for sure: We should talk about things like that more often. We should share, remember and respect our agricultural past. After all, it’s the only way to ensure and encourage our agricultural future.

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