Saved By A Bell

Mar 232012
Authors: Aliese Willard

This is the story of Richard Pierson, 51. He has no home, and most nights walks the
streets until dawn to keep from freezing to death in Fort Collins, Colo.

Every holiday season, he rings a bell. Daily, weekly, sometimes volunteering and other
times earning minimum wage. This multimedia story is a taste of his holiday season,
beginning the week of Thanksgiving 2011 and ending the first week of December 2011.

The story offers a glimpse of his life: a quick peek through a frosted window.

To view the story, click on “Story Part I” and “Story Part II” on the menu below.

History of Salvation Army Bell Ringers: The Kettle

“The Salvation Army kettle is an icon of the Army’s Christmas efforts. Its history dates
back to 1891 when Capt. Joseph McFee hurt for the poor in San Francisco who were going hungry. He decided to provide a free Christmas dinner to the poverty-stricken.

After remembering his sailor days, he placed an iron kettle at the Oakland Ferry Landing on Market Street. He placed a sign next to it that read, ‘Keep the Pot Boiling.’ He soon had
the money he needed for the Christmas dinner for those in need.

It remains today as a Christmas tradition across the world, raising money to help those in need.”

~From 2009 “Come Join Our Army” Salvation Army publication.

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