Mar 222012
Authors: Erin Eastburn

At the beginning of this week, life was in a state of panic. My internship is ending in two weeks, my rent of $1,250 was due, and I had no job offers on the table.

Just what the world needs: another recently unemployed graduate. Sure, I work 15 hours a week at Victoria’s Secret. That’s roughly $400 a month –– this is not going to cut it.

Realizing my heightened stress level, I ask: When did life get so damn real?

Graduating with a job has always been a goal of mine, but in this economy, standing out from the rest of your competition seems impossible.

Forcing myself to snap out of my state of shock and temporary freak-out, I started applying to job agencies throughout the tri-state area and other major cities, hoping one company will see potential in me.

After applying for countless jobs, updating my online portfolio, resume and getting a few new handbags –– thanks to a sample sale at my internship –– I felt the power that usually only a new purse can give a woman: a chance to stand out.

I have always believed one interview can bring opportunity and is a chance to express the skills that are otherwise impossible to display on a resume. Skills like poise, sociability and character.

After days of waiting and checking and rechecking of my email inbox, a phone call from a high-end luxury brand turned my week around.

Following a quick phone conversation, I had an interview lined up. Honestly, it was hard to contain my excitement while still on the phone with this company.

As soon as we said our goodbyes, I started screaming in excitement. By doing so, I woke up my roommate and was reminded that I still have work –– and now after being distracted with excitement, was running late.

With less than 24 hours until my interview, I found myself crunched for time to prepare for the position I applied for, assistant to the company’s CEO, which is a position I have never experienced before.

Wearing five-inch Nine West black pumps, gripping my turquoise Tory Burch clutch in one hand and portfolio in another, I hail a cab to bring me the 60 blocks uptown to Madison Avenue and 68th Street.

This area of the city is filled with women carrying designer bags and wearing blacked-out sunglasses –– to put it simply, posh.

I circled the flagship store before heading upstairs in the mirrored elevator. During the slow climb, I couldn’t help but look back at myself in the reflection and say, “Be confident. You deserve this.”

After a 45-minute interview with two different women, I walked out of the company’s corporate offices and returned to my apartment with a hopeful attitude. I wrote the two women I interviewed with a quick “thank you” email. And now, I wait.

This job would be the perfect leap into the next stage of my life. My previous experiences fit the details of the job explained to me, and all I can do is hope they see the same potential I see in myself.

To me, this is the perfect job, and I am the perfect candidate. At this time in my career, all I can do is stay positive, keep applying and interviewing and stay true to my goals.

Wish me luck.

Erin Eastburn is a senior apparel and merchandising major who is currently interning for Tory Burch in New York City.

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