Eat Up at Mo Jeaux's

Mar 222012
Authors: Greg Mees

Hot wings are good, even when they’re bad. But add smoke and extra crispy skin, and you’ll die a happy camper.

If you can’t tell, I’m kind of a wing connoisseur. Whenever I’m at home, that’s what my best friend and I eat. So when I say Mo Jeaux’s has the best wings I’ve ever had, you know I mean it.

The chicken wings are smoked, flash fried and dunked in the sauce of your choice. I tried the hot and honey BBQ and can tell you I have never experienced such a fantastic mix of flavors. The crispy skin compliments the tender smoky flavor of the chicken so nicely and makes for a truly perfect pairing.

I also tried the warm turkey sandwich, and there isn’t anything to say about it other than it was simply fantastic. The turkey is smoked to perfection and paired with lettuce, tomatoes and a delicious honey-mustard. It sounds like a typical turkey sandwich, but the fact that the meat is smoked makes all the difference. Add one of the house BBQ sauces, and you’ll be in food heaven.

The restaurant and bar has this college-town feel that –– for living in a college town –– you don’t find at many other places.

Even though the service wasn’t the best and the laid-back culture is to blame for that, you will not regret stopping in for a snack or some wings.

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