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Authors: Devin O'Brien

Past a window with a New Belgium beer sign and two customers peering out as they munch their food, a glass door opens into the front of Krazy Karl’s Pizza. A shelf stacked with green and white pizza boxes stands behind it the grooved metal counter. To the left of the pizza boxes, wearing a gray short bill baseball cap over blond hair, Manager Jeremy Dill is at work.

When asked about how it feels to win best pizza place in 2011’s Best of CSU awards, Dill said it was “about time,” adding that he thinks it’s Krazy Karl’s toppings that have led to the restaurant’s success over other shops like Pizza Casbah and Celestino’s Pizza.

“They’re all great pizza places,” Dill said. “But ours is a little crazier, in a good way.”

Krazy Karl employee Paul Trozan said he attributes the restaurant’s success to the food’s taste.

“The pizza’s delicious, really,” Trozan said.

Krazy Karl’s menu features a variety of specialty pizzas, including the “BBQ chicken” and the pepperoni, cream cheese and green chili-based “North of the Border.” Other dishes include a variety of salads and specialty items, such as cheese bread and loaded waffle fries with cheese and bacon.

Krazy Karl’s also has many deals, like the “Beat the Clock” special. This 5 to 8 p.m. event allows customers to choose the price of their pizza by phone ordering at a certain time. “Whacky Wednesday” also offers $3.99 grinders and $7 pitchers.

After sitting down his half eaten meal Monday afternoon, Krazy Karl’s customer Chase Houghton talks about the restaurant’s grinders as true stand outs. He also mentioned how much he liked the “Chicken Club” grinder, due to its good price and flavor.

According to Houghton, Krazy Karl’s obtaining a place among the Best of CSU is due to two things: great food and good customer service.

“They’re really fast on their orders too,” he added.

Kristin Mastre’s review summarizes the feeling surrounding the nearly two-year-old Fort Collins eatery.

“Is [cheap pizza] an oxymoron? Not in Fort Collins! Not when we have Krazy Karl’s Pizza,” Mastre wrote.

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Krazy Karl’s Pizza
1124 W. Elizabeth St.
Best of CSU winner for Best Pizza

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