Mar 212012
Authors: Kristin Hall

This year, the area around Horsetooth Reservoir was voted the best place for hiking, running, rock climbing and camping. And with a location only four miles from Fort Collins, this natural area offers anything an outdoor-minded student could hope for.

Nearby Horsetooth Mountain Park alone boasts 29 miles of hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding trails, according to the Larimer County website. Not only that, but Horsetooth offers numerous rock climbing spots and views of its crown jewel: Horsetooth Reservoir.

The trails, swimming and camping might be the reasons students go to Horsetooth, but the natural beauty is the reason they keep going back.

Sophomore biological sciences major Scott Sieke said he loves the close proximity of the reservoir’s beach to rock climbing and hiking spots. He added it that he thinks it’s the most beautiful spot in Fort Collins.

“I usually go in the late afternoon,” Sieke said. “There is nothing as gorgeous as the sunset over the reservoir.”

Sieke isn’t the only person who appreciates Horsetooth for its beauty. Travis Rollins, the park manager of Horsetooth Mountain Open Space, doesn’t take it for granted either.

“The best part of my job is managing the beautiful natural resources in the area,” Rollins said.

Rollins said students come back not just because it is close to campus but for many of the ever expanding list of attractions. He cites a day hike to Horsetooth Rock as one of the most popular attractions to the open area.

Rollins also said that the improvement, such as the addition of the Blue Sky Trail and updates to parking areas, are gems that draw students.

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