Mar 202012
Authors: The Rocky Mountain Collegian Editorial Board

New football coach, Jim McElwain, has closed practices to fans and media in addition to being the lone decision maker about who you hear from within the program. These media restrictions include no access to true freshmen and only one assistant coach a week.

All players chosen for interviews will be selected by McElwain.

McElwain’s rules, coupled with the stadium selection committee doing the bulk of their work behind closed doors, raises concerns to the sincerity of the department’s dedication to connect with its fans and the university with the world.

For the last three months, CSU has placed an emphasis on athletics as a window to the university.

Windows, by definition, are transparent, but the message being sent by the athletics department is proving to be anything but clear.

McElwain, who claims to be exceptionally open to the media as a concession to restricting access to others, would not even take questions from reporters at Tuesday’s press conference opening spring practice.

CSU athletics are in desperate need of repairing its relationship with its fans who have grown apathetic and tired of losing. Shutting them out is not the way to go about rebuilding a program and a department.

We have a right to know what goes on inside the programs we are expected to support.

If the decision makers within the athletic department believe isolating themselves from the outside world will bring the community closer together, they are sadly mistaken.

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