Mar 182012
Authors: The Rocky Mountain Collegian Editorial Board

Monday marks the first day of campaigning for those who wish to be president and vice president of the Associated Students of CSU for the 2012-2013 school year. Unfortunately, there are only two candidates for each position.

Your choice CSU: Regina Martel for president with running mate Joe Eden for vice president or John Dietrick for president with running mate Peter Muller for vice president. And that’s it.

Last year CSU had four candidates to choose from, the year before that three, and the year before that four again. While from 2005 to 2008 each election had only two tickets, ASCSU was on a good streak of giving students a wide variety of options.

Candidates from a variety of different majors and backgrounds could provide diversity to the ballot, and students could vote for who more uniquely represented his or her needs.

Now, we’re back to two tickets where students may be forced to settle for one or the other and feel they are voting for someone whom they don’t identify with.

This two-party election is disappointing and downplays the wide opinions of the CSU campus.

Could this also mean that interest in ASCSU is waning? Why aren’t students jumping on the opportunity to be the leader of CSU student government and provide a voice for the student body?

Hopefully, this is not the case, and even with only two parties the candidates will put every ounce of effort into their campaigns.

Also, the Collegian Editorial Board encourages students not to be discouraged by only having two choices and to pay attention to the upcoming campaigns and cast an educated vote on April 2 through April 4.

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