Mar 082012
Authors: Courtney Riley

A new bridge has been built between Old Town and CSU’s campus, according to Andre Mouton, and it is Restaurant 415, located on Mason Street.

Mouton, the co-founder and former co-owner of the Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant in Old Town, is one of the five owners of the Restaurant 415, which opened March 6. Seth Baker, Justin Bernhardt, Amelia Mouton and Sean Olander, who were also formerly involved with the Rio, are owners as well.

“It just kind of fell together,” Olander said. “Andre purchased it and dreamt of opening a restaurant here. We liked the ‘60s feel it had. Our individual dreams came into one, and now we sit here in this amazing building.”

Amelia Mouton, the restaurant’s chef, said her food is contemporary American with a twist.

One of her favorite items on the menu is called “When Pigs Fly,” consisting of chicken fingers with mini waffles and bacon thyme maple syrup. The menu items consist of some of the owners’ favorite recipes, as well as Amelia Mouton’s own creations, with a Cajun background and influenced by Mediterranean flavors.

Other menu items include pizza with a tomato base, white cheddar, garbanzo beans, jalapenos and cilantro, as well as a cauliflower steak with polenta.

“(The cauliflower steak dish) represents who we are: fresh, colorful and unique,” Amelia Mouton said. “Our food is very bright and fresh.”

“While we are still currently developing the menu, our aim is to offer fine, local-sourced food at fair prices in a casual atmosphere,” according to Restaurant 415’s website.

Entrees will cost between $8 and $16, Andre Mouton said.

The goal is to provide quality food at an affordable price for families, students and business professionals, Bernhardt said.

“Everything is made from scratch,” Andre Mouton said. “There’s no fried freezer food or anything like that.”

“We work with local agriculture in town,” Baker said. “We do what we can to support local foods.”

Restaurant 415 takes its made-from-scratch philosophy to its drink menu as well, which includes signature drinks made-in house.

“People will come in here, be able to spend less than $20 for some good food, get a buzz and get stuffed,” Baker said.

The restaurant’s building, which was originally a laundromat, can hold a total of 200 people, including indoor and outdoor seating.

In addition to its outdoor seating in the front of the building, Restaurant 415 prides itself on its “fountainside dining” in the back — a seating area behind the building with a fountain that is lit by night.

Inside, the restaurant’s bar countertop and raised seating area in a corner of the building are made of old boxcar flooring. Restaurant 415’s lights, booths and tabletops are made of recycled materials as well.

“We want to create a fantastic place to work and a great place to eat,” Bernhardt said. “We’re really excited to be part of the future of the Mason Street corridor.”

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What: Restaurant 415
Where: 415 S. Mason St
Hours: Tuesday through Sunday: 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 5 to 10 p.m.
More info:

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