Mar 052012
Authors: The Rocky Mountain Collegian Editorial Board

As reported in today’s front page article “Prairie dog paradox,” a group of Fort Collins prairie dogs may end up being gassed to make way for a new student housing complex east of Lee Martinez Park.

And while we think there’s a definite need for student housing, we also agree with the animal rights groups and concerned residents who are fighting for the little guys. With options like relocation – instead of extermination – it would be upsetting to see a whole population wiped out.

Think of the potential consequences of gassing the dogs, including the cost of tiny caskets and the ever-likely chance that the little guys will come back to haunt the residents of the proposed 200-unit complex.

The vice president of development for Aspen Heights — the national chain behind the project — even said extermination is not ideal, and they are currently looking for land to put the prairie dogs.

Unfortunately, the relocation process is more complex that many would think, and despite hiring a wildlife biologist to help, their efforts to find a new place for the pups has been unsuccessful.

Well, we think they should keep trying. Although Aspen Heights seems like a perfectly worthy complex to build for CSU students, it would be a shame to lose the pups in the process.

We think Fort Collins resident Lori Nitzel said it best in today’s article when she said, “There’s a win-win option here for everybody.There’s definitely some options. Let’s start thinking outside of the box.”

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